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Your Guide to Pain Relief by Dr. Richard Powers (digital download)

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In stock
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This book, Your Guide to Pain ReliefSafe and Effective Pain-Relieving Strategies, is FREE with purchase of a Dr. Powers’ PAIN RELIEF KIT – regular size or large size.


Includes everything you need to safely and more effectively experience greater pain relief while reducing or eliminating your need for toxic pain medication!

  1. Pain 101 – understanding acute vs. chronic pain and their underlying causes, how the various types of common pain-relieving drugs work and why they are NOT safe, and a note of hope for chronic pain sufferers.
  2. Dosage & Usage Guidelines for recommended natural pain relief products – specific instructions by Dr. Powers for each product, and for both acute and chronic pain, to maximize the pain-relieving benefits from the PAIN RELIEF Kit products.
  3. Specific Anti-inflammatory Diet & Lifestyle Guidelines – researched by Dr. Powers over 40 years and demonstrating real results with real people! A few of the “right” diet, exercise, or sleep modifications helps you stop fanning the flames of inflammation which helps reduce pain at its source.
  4. Pain Management - your complete pain-relieving “guide” detailing home-care and treatment options to safely expedite your healing and help prevent future pain, including back and neck exercises to relieve pain, postural recommendations, pain-relieving nutritional supplements, beneficial treatment options, and more!