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Just so you know! …your purchase of IMMUNE Paks includes a FREE download of Dr. Powers’ book, Optimizing Your Immunity: A guidebook for infection protection and illness recovery (retail, $29.95).

(Note: IMMUNE Paks are also included in the comprehensive infection protection and illness recovery IMMUNE Bundle.)

IMMUNE Paks are convenient packets with 5 different immune-supportive products (within 7 capsules) to help prevent infection and facilitate illness recovery, if infected.

IMMUNE Paks provide a unique and effective mix of antiviral botanicals, immunoglobulins (antibodies), and targeted respiratory and gut support: 

  • HerbImmune Support and Quercetin 20X Plus (antiviral/antibacterial botanicals)
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (lung-targeted amino acid)
  • Quercetin 20X Plus (quercitin and DHQ antimicrobial polyphenols)
  • ProbioMax Immune and Immune Balance (immunoglobulins or natural antibodies)
  • ProbioMax Immune (spore-based probiotic)

Although optimally used in tandem with the additional immune support within the IMMUNE Bundle, IMMUNE Paks on their own provide safe and effective infection protection and help expedite illness recovery if become infected.

(See "Ingredients" below for details of each supplement noted above.)

Dr. Powers IMMUNE PAKS – Supplement Fact Sheet

Each IMMUNE Pak contains the following 5 products: (total of 7 capsules per packet)

(the rest of the information below within this “Ingredients” section is the same as it is now currently under “Details” but the wording has not changed)

HerbImmune Support: A powerful mix of three antimicrobial botanicals— Andrographis (inhibits viral replication, Archives of Virology), Isatis, and licorice root extract—uniquely provide effective antiviral immune support by both restraining viral replication and inhibiting viral attachment to host cells. This formula also helps modulate inflammation, potentially helpful in avoiding a runaway inflammatory response to infection associated with long haulers and more serious or fatal outcomes.

N-acetyl cysteine (as 600 mg NAC): is shown to support respiratory health, lung function, and helps modulate immune cell numbers. Beneficial for both optimal prevention or early stage viral recovery (Yanuck, et al
Integrative Medicine Vol. 19, No S1).

NAC is mucolytic (i.e., decreases mucus viscosity), thereby facilitating ciliary clearance (i.e., the body’s ability to eliminate pathogens), and has been demonstrated to improve immune function and reduce severity of flu infections, significantly increasing the number of asymptomatic infections (i.e., uncomplicated).

With NAC administration alone, one study showed it prevented HALF of the people from symptomatic flu. It may also boost glutathione levels, whereby low glutathione levels have been shown to be a key contributing factor for the more serious manifestations of COVID.

Probiotic Immune: This formula includes the benefits of an acid and antibiotic-resistant, spore-based probiotic (LactoSpore) which supports systemic immunity via enhanced gut health, and helps with symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract illness.

Egg-derived source of 26 IgY immunoglobulins and immunoregulatory factors that confer passive immunity against 26 different human germs and are not dependent on the host’s (or person’s) immune response are uniquely combined within Probiotic Immune.

To help avoid an overactive immune response—a common complication associated with infection (as with COVID), the hyperimmune egg powder contains heightened levels of cytokine inhibitory factor (CIF) and cytokine activating factor (CAF). These both help balance the production of cytokines (such as TNF-alpha) and may help the immune system recognize when to turn on and when to turn off.

Quercetin 20X Plus: is scientifically formulated to support the respiratory system, including nasal passages. It features a highly absorbable form of quercetin, combined with nettle extract and antioxidant compounds to target immune-system−related pathways connected to respiratory symptoms.*

Immune Balance: Immunoglobulin concentrate derived from whey peptides (from colostrum) delivers natural immunoglobulins (standardized to a minimum of 40% IgG), bioactive proteins, and growth factors.

These components support antibacterial and antiviral innate immune function, healthy cytokine activity, gut barrier function, and increase SIgA (salivary immunoglobulins). Immunoglobulins flag antigens (e.g., viruses/bacteria) for the immune system to help protect the body and eliminate unwanted pathogens.

Advanced coagulation and filtration techniques make Immune Balance superior in its bioactive composition and its purity (compared to other colostrum-type products).

Prevention: Take 1 packet, 5 days per week (1 box lasts 6 weeks)

Treatment: Take 2 to 3 packets per day (1 box lasts 10-15 days)

Prescription medication: Although the supplement support within this IMMUNE Bundle is likely compatible and even beneficial to take when on prescription medication, if you are on prescription medication it is advised to check with your doctor before taking any botanical/herbal medicine.

Pregnant or nursing: If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your doctor before taking supplementation of any kind.

Children: Keep out of reach of children as these products are not intended for children