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Foundations for Creating Optimal Health by Dr. Richard Powers (digital download)

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(A print version of this guidebook is also available on Amazon at this link,

Distilled from over 40 years of scientific research and clinical experience, Foundations for Creating Optimal Health: A Guidebook for Getting and Staying Well assists you in making more informed decisions that impact the quality (and length) of your life.

Throughout this comprehensive guidebook, Dr. Richard Powers shares how to make it easier to think better, eat well, move more, sleep soundly, detoxify, and stress less to help you live “well” so you and your loved ones may experience your full health potential and live your best lives.

He identifies and expands on diet and lifestyle habits and supplementation that most fundamentally promote your health and healing, as well as how and when to consider more risky and unpredictable interventions (like surgery and medication usage) to help protect the quality of your life. From the foods you eat, to the household products you use, to how well you sleep at night, Dr. Powers takes a deep dive into the foundations of creating optimal health for you and those you love.

This guidebook also includes vetted resources to assist you in optimizing your health and reducing your disease risks, including supplement suggestions that complement your healthy living habits, online food shopping and “clean” food preparation services, exercise programs, yoga instruction, sleep aids, stress-relieving biohacks and counseling resources, air and water purifiers, infrared saunas, electromagnetic protection devices, wellness-related book titles, and more.

From decades of study and observation, Dr. Powers advocates that the true path to getting and staying well all begins with:

  • cultivating more love, inner peace, and balance in your daily living
  • establishing diet and lifestyle habits that are most consistent with your body’s natural, intelligent design.

This guidebook helps you navigate this path forward by detailing safe and effective self-care solutions, all of which bolster your vitality, support a healthy weight and shape, shift the trajectory of your disease risks, and foster an extended healthspan – the number of years you get to enjoy good health.

Rest assured that the wholesome diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations within this guidebook are evidence-based and backed by testimonies of true healing and restoration. Implementing a few (or more!) of these lifestyle changes will be the best use of your time and healthcare dollars to feel and function your best, and over time you will experience the rewards of your efforts and investment! 

Foundations for Creating Optimal Health: A guidebook for getting and staying well by Dr. Richard Powers is also available in print on Amazon at this link,