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Optimizing Your Immunity by Dr. Richard Powers (digital download)

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In stock
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Just so you know! … This guidebook is FREE with your purchase of a Dr. Powers’ IMMUNE Bundle and IMMUNE Mini-Bundle– everything you need for extra infection protection and to facilitate illness recovery is contained with this highly researched collection of immune supportive supplementation. (please retain the links to this bundle to it’s SKU in my store)

 OPTIMIZING YOUR IMMUNITY: A guidebook for infection protection and illness recovery by Dr. Richard Powers.

Optimizing your immunity is obviously advantageous, but how do you so – safely and effectively – given our busy lives and overwhelming conflicting “advice” from credible appearing sources online and in the news?

The Optimizing Your Immunity guidebook solves this dilemma with scientifically-sound and evidence-based diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations that provide wholesome and practical guidance for infection protection as well as to facilitate your recovery if you become ill.

This valuable resource details what to "do" and "take" (immune-supportive supplementation) to help prevent infection as well as how to specifically treat it if infected to help heal up as quickly as possible.

This guidebook also includes important topics and references, such as: 

  • How to avoid a relapse – by learning how to properly transition off immune-supportive supplementation as well as how to slowly resume your normal, healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Quick-reference ordering guide for immune supplementation (all contained within Dr. Powers’ IMMUNE Bundle)
  • Dietary sources of key immune nutrients

Learn about how, when, and why to use antibiotics and antiviral medications, what to do and take when needing extra infection protection … and much more!